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Classic Arcade Games

Air Hockey

Arcade video games, pinball, air hockey and more.

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Pub Games

  • Pub games for hire Pool
  • Pub games for hire1 Bar Skittles
  • Pub games for hire2 Dartboard
  • Pub games for hire3 Table Tennis
  • Pub games for hire4 Bar/Table Football
  • Pub games for hire5 Pinball
  • Pub games for hire6 Yard of Ale
  • Pub games for hire7

Pub Games for Hire

A range of traditional pub games from Funtime Hire

Set the pub atmosphere going with these traditional pub games.

  • Darts
    Complete with darts, scoreboards and rubber marker mat.

  • Pool Tables
    Our pool tables are just as you would find in pubs and clubs with a slate bed, full size cues and balls.

  • Table Tennis
    Fully portable, competition size table complete with bats and balls

  • Skittle Alley
    A good old, nine pin, bowling alley that is transportable. A popular pub game that was around long before tenpin bowling arrived on the scene.

  • Table Football
    A real classic pub game. Fully portable and as popular as ever.

  • Bar Skittles
    A ball, attached attached to a string, is used to knock down the nine skittle pins. Requires more skill that you'd imagine.

  • Pinball
    Everyone loves to play pinball. An old time favourite in pubs, clubs, cafes and arcades.

  • Yard of Ale
    A simple competition. How quickly can you quaff a yard of ale? Due to the shape of the glass, it requires considerable technique, otherwise your in for a drenching.

In addition to pub games we have a full range of Arcade Games, Casino Tables, Inflatables, Simulators, Fairground Stalls and Rides, Fun Food, Giant Garden Games, Rodeo Bulls and more.

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