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The new school term is upon us, and if you are a member of a PTA or other school fundraising group, you will know that it’s time to get your thinking caps on!  Of course, planning for Christmas events is a big part of your fundraising year, but have you thought about squeezing an event or two in before December?

Here at Funtime Hire we work with a lot of school fundraising groups and charities throughout Essex, and we are always on hand to supply games, entertainments and much more to help them raise funds for their school.

Over the years, we have found the following to be good ideas for the Autumn months:

1. Family Fun Day

The weather in  September can be quite pleasant making it an ideal time to plan an outdoor event.  A “Fun Day” event is a good idea.  Hold one after school hours to make the most of the decent weather before the winter sets in.  A couple of hours is plenty long enough, and this month offers an excellent opportunity to hold the event as a way for new parents to the school to meet each other and members of the PTA.  Consider having lots of inflatables, side stalls and food stalls.  All easy to manage in a short space of time.

2. School Disco

These are another great way to raise quick and easy funds for your school.  Hire a DJ or an entertainer from us, and sell tickets and soft drinks on the night to make some extra money.  The event can be just for the children and only needs to last a couple of hours or so. Kids love the feeling of independence and will enjoy getting all dressed up for the big event.

3. Movie Night

As the nights start to get darker earlier, why not turn your school hall, library or classroom into a cosy cinema for the kids?  Sell tickets and show an age appropriate film for the kids to enjoy.  You could even sell extras like drinks, hotdogs or popcorn to make extra cash.

4. Race Night or Quiz Night

One for the adults this, but why not have a nice adult-only event to encourage new parents at the school to meat.  Hire a quiz master, or racing or even casino event from us, sell tickets by the table and have parents come and bring their own booze and nibbles.  Supplying a meal means you can charge more for the tickets which may help you raise even more.

5. Barn Dance

An Autumn barn dance is an excellent excuse to get together, have fun and make some cash.  Use the school hall (you don’t need an actual barn), hire a live Country band or DJ, supply a basket meal and get your guests bring their own booze.  Organised dancing is a great way to make sure everyone gets involved.

However you look to raise funds for your school this time of year, don’t forget that Funtime Hire offers packages specifically tailored for school fundraising groups.  We can put together a package offering you everything you need for a very competitive price.  Call us on 0137 811831 to find out more.

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