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Test your foot balling skills and the accuracy of your aim when shooting at goal. Get the football past the goalie and hit one of the target areas.
There are two variations of Penalty Shoot Out. The first uses Velcro target areas so the ball sticks to the target and the other uses a backdrop with a series of holes to shoot at.

Scalextric Hire

A sublime Scalextric setup with 8 lane tracks

Chicanes and ‘S’ bends test your skills to their limits. No sign of road rage here just great entertainment from Scalextric slot cars.

Scalextric model car racing is tremendous fun. It takes skillful driving to prevent your racing car from flying off the track at the bends or spectacularly crashing at the chicane. The challenge is all the greater because you have six cars racing and six drivers competing with one another at the same time. The pressure is on – it’s time to see if you can you safely squeeze out just a little more acceleration and speed from your car to become overall Scalextric race champion.

8 Lane Scalextric

This eight lane unit is approximately 4.5m x 2.5m (15ft x 8ft) and is amazingly mobile, perfect for those venues with access issues! It runs off just a single 13 amp socket and all boxes and wires fit under the unit. The track itself is lit by 4 lighting poles, each with 2 spotlights.

The track is computerised and can operate a full 8 race competition, also recording best lap, fastest race, best driver, etc. This really is an exciting addition to our inventory so please do contact us with any additional queries or bookings!

We can provide a 20ft x 20ft with an inflatable barrier and a built in ball pond, or without a ball pond.  If you haven’t the space, we can provide a 12 ft x 12 ft matted area with soft play pieces.

Dunk Tank will make a big splash at your next event

Practice your aim while dunking your family, friend, co-worker, or even your boss. It is a fun way to make a big splash in whatever event you are planning. Hire the Dunk Tank for your next big event and you will find people lining up again and again to share in the good natured fun. It has been around for years, but has proven itself to be a timeless classic. Dunk Tanks are the ultimate in team building functions. Some events like to use the dunk tank to gather money for charity. There is something to be said for dunking someone for money, everyone will pay for a chance to do it. The Dunk Tank is great for a charity event, or a birthday party as it is a very versatile activity.

Your event will go swimmingly well with this super dunk tank. Just hit the bulls eye with the ball to drop the poor soul, sitting on the plank, into the water. Think of how much fun it will be to dunk the principle or the mayor of the town. The Dunk Tank is a must for school fates, team building and fundraising. To hire the Dunk Tank please give us a call.

‘Lights out’ is a fun and energetic game of reaction!  Fast paced, it puts your hand-eye co-ordination skills to the test – with accompanying sound-effects! The game incorporates two players, battling it out against each other to strike the most lights within a predetermined time limit.  You can also choose between 3 different difficulty settings to suit the player’s ability. Having two players competing at the same time offers a real-time, visual competitive element to your indoor event, with the scores accumulated to find the competitor or team with the fastest reactions!’


Shooting Games

A steady hand and sharp eye make our shooting games great fun for you and your guests.  Try traditional archery with crossbows, or jump right into the 21st century with our James Bond 007 Laser shoot.  From side stall shooting games to laser clay shooting we can supply it all.

Much more than just a regular bouncy castle, our wide selection of sports inflatables can add a competitive edge to your party or event.  Get your game on in our Human Table Football inflatable.  Whatever you need, we can provide it.

Inflatable Basketball

Not NBA but gives just the same excitement. A choice of equipment with the inflatable basketball game to hire offering three hoops to shoot at.
Once the ball goes into your hoop it is caught in a net and is then carried back to you.

Bouncy Boxing Hire
Inflatable boxing ring and gigantic soft boxing gloves

Definitely not approved by the World Boxing Authority, Crazy super cushioned giant gloves and a knee trembling boxing ring. Three knock-downs, fall-overs or collapsing in hysterics to decide the winner. “Know what I mean ‘arry?” Complete with headgear.

Dimensions: 12ft x 12ft

Football Penalty Shoot Out

Test your foot balling skills and the accuracy of your aim when shooting at goal. Get the football past the goalie and hit one of the target areas.
There are two variations of Penalty Shoot Out. The first uses Velcro target areas so the ball sticks to the target and the other uses a backdrop with a series of holes to shoot at.

Inflatable Human Table Football
A giant version of table football but with human players

Human Table Football is one of the most exciting competitive games to hit the UK. It is a giant inflatable version of the old classic Table Football bar game.

You take the place of the small plastic players when two teams face each other surrounded by the 40ft x 23ft inflatable. The referee will be in control of the game at all times, i.e. sending off for foul play and showing of red and yellow cards.

This Five-a-Side team game will certainly give you a stitch, not through exertion, but through laughter.

Dimensions: 40ft x 23ft

If you would like to hire or just need more information about the Inflatable Human Table Football, then please give us a call.

Inflatable Darts Hire

Test your accuracy with our inflatable Golfarama where players must accurately chip the golf balls through one of the scoring holes. Our inflatable has tall sides to stop any badly struck balls going too far ! Golf clubs and balls are provided as part of the package.

Soccer Speedcage Hire
How hard can you kick a football?

How hard can you kick a football? No cheating on this game. Once you have kicked the ball the speed gun registers your score for all to see. Suitable for indoor and outdoor use.

Dimensions: 10ft x 10ft

Space Hopper Football Hire
Great for kids and the young at heart

Remember the Space Hopper craze? Well Funtime Hire has brought Space Hoppers back again but have added a new twist by introducing Space Hopper Football.

The game is for three to five a side and is played on a 25ft x 45ft pitch with inflatable barriers and goals. Referee’s rules apply.

Inflatable Beach Volleyball Court Hire

The ever popular and competitive beach sport of volleyball is great fun to play and is the perfect team game.

What’s more volleyball now comes to you as a giant inflatable which means you can play anywhere.

With this inflatable volleyball court you can bring all the fun of beach volleyball to your next event. Without a doubt this is one of the best action team games on the circuit today.

The inflatable Volleyball court is suitable for 2-8 players per side and all the action is within a netted enclosure.

A Volleyball referee is supplied with the game

Dimensions 50ft x 25ft

Think big, think multi-activity inflatables.  Run, jump, bounce, bungee, climb, box or even disco dance in our giant multi-activity inflatables.  We can even supply giant worlds for kids of all ages to enjoy!  All delivered and operated by our team of experienced staff.

Medieval Run

This very impressive themed activity run is suitable for Children up to the age of 13 years and it will hold up to 20 children at a a time. This is a multi-activity unit with the start at one end and your goal is to make it to the other end overcoming obstacles, tunnels and scramble nets and finishing with a slide. This activity is completely under cover.

Noah’s Ark

This is a multi play activity run incorporating ‘biff and bash’ toys, squeeze rollers and a large bouncy area with scramble net and a long slide. This is fantastic for youngsters and great for family fun days and corporate events.

Pirate Galleon Multi-Play

Shiver me timbers! this is just right for young pirates

This inflatable pirate ship is a multi-activity run, incorporating biff an bash toys, squeeze rollers, large bouncy areas, a scramble net and a large slide.

This unit is a must for fund raising days , family fun days and corporate events. A great addition to any pirate themed event.

Western Adventure

Head ’em up, move ’em out! This is no place for city-slickers

This certainly is an adventure with a western theme. There are two large inflatable playrooms, each with pop-up inflatables in them. Both rooms lead to a large slide which is in the centre. The whole unit is surrounded by an inflatable barrier for the children’s safety.

Floor space required: 65ft x 45ft
Height: 25ft


Inflatables, Fun Run & Assault Courses

Please find below a selection of inflatables we have in stock for your perfect event.

We provide the Equipment
You provide the Fun


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