How far can you get before the bungee snatches you back?

Think of this game like something you would see on one of those shows where families run through obstacles, and will put you in the mind of wipe out. The two contestants, on the bungee run, put on padded belts, which are attached to strong bungee cords. They then run as fast as they can while carrying a Velcro baton, which they quickly stick it to the central barrier before the bungee cord snatches them back to the start.

With this game the further you run, against the pull of the bungee, the higher you score. It fun to play and even more fun to watch. You can get guests of all ages involved in the fun!

Bungee Run Dimensions: 35ft x 12ft. Height 8ft

Although you get more points, the further you run, the tighter the bungee gets, pulling the contestants away from their goal. Given the inflated, unstable running surface, the fun keeps going as long as the runners do. Runners struggle to keep their balance and make their way to the end. While you wait or while you just watch, you get to share in the fun of watching and laughing while the battle to reach the end and place the Velcro baton continues. It is not as easy as it looks and it does not look easy. Bouncing off the walls has never been as fun as it is with the Bungee Run.

The Bungee Run is perfect for families and friends that like a little healthy competition. You can even award the champion a prize. The Bungee Run is definitely a favorite. Combined with our other games and activities for hire, you will have quite a party going.

3m x 10m x 3m H:
13 amp Power Supply or Petrol Blower:

We provide the Equipment
You provide the Fun


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