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Photo Booths

Hire a Photo Booth for Parties, Weddings & Functions

Some of the great features you can expect with our photo booths are;

  • Choice of photo style, colour, black & white & sepia
  • Optional video booth mode to capture video messages from guests
  • We can cover London and the Home Counties
  • Optional green screen fun mode with superimposed green screen images behind the guests can be a fun way to transport them fun places
  • Instantly dry photos produced in under 15 seconds

Our photo booths fit 3 guests with room for 2-3 more kneeling in front or on laps. You can create personalized captions to be included on the print outs with event details, or names to capture the memories. The booth features simple touch screen user controls.

This is a great idea for any event that you want to have fun and take home a keepsake to treasure the laughter for years to come. Graduations, fundraisers, reunions, etc… the list goes on of places and times that would be great to capture memories and share. Personalize your pictures to reflect you and the moment.

It is quick and easy to use and it does not take up much space, thus allowing you to use it in smaller settings or just to keep the area open. This entertaining item has lasted through the years and promises to stay popular for years to come. Technology has increased, but the photo booth has grown along with it, refusing to be left behind. So, do not leave it behind when you are planning your functions with us. A photo booth is the perfect addition when you are thinking of fun activities for your celebration.

Perfect for both Weddings, Corporate & private events…contact us now for hire details

Mirror Me: 1m x 1m 1.6m H

Mirror Me Operating Area: 2m x 62m

Photo Booth All Operated: 2.5m x 1.2m x 2.1m H

All 13 Amp Power Supply: