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Roll a Ball Derby

Our Roll a Ball Derby is an exciting and thrilling game to hire, fantastic for both participants and spectators. Up to 4 players race against each other, trying to roll as many balls as they can down the holes at the end of their lane - each ball the player gets down a hole propels their horse, camel or reindeer further along the track, the first person to get their horse past the post wins!

Our Roll a Ball Derby is available for hire all year round, perfect for corporate events, Christmas parties, awards ceremonies and so much more.

Funtime hire is committed to providing our clients with the highest quality equipment, coupled with a friendly and efficient service. Our staff are professional and will make sure that the equipment is operated in the safest possible environment and that all participants have an enjoyable and memorable day.

2.1m x 2.4m D x 2.2m H

13 amp power required

Double or extra wide door access required