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Basketball Electronic

Much more than just a regular bouncy castle, our wide selection of sports inflatables can add a competitive edge to your party or event.  Get your game on in our Human Table Football inflatable.  Whatever you need, we can provide it.

Inflatable Basketball

Not NBA but gives just the same excitement. A choice of equipment with the inflatable basketball game to hire offering three hoops to shoot at.
Once the ball goes into your hoop it is caught in a net and is then carried back to you.

Bouncy Boxing Hire
Inflatable boxing ring and gigantic soft boxing gloves

Definitely not approved by the World Boxing Authority, Crazy super cushioned giant gloves and a knee trembling boxing ring. Three knock-downs, fall-overs or collapsing in hysterics to decide the winner. “Know what I mean ‘arry?” Complete with headgear.

Dimensions: 12ft x 12ft

Football Penalty Shoot Out

Test your foot balling skills and the accuracy of your aim when shooting at goal. Get the football past the goalie and hit one of the target areas.
There are two variations of Penalty Shoot Out. The first uses Velcro target areas so the ball sticks to the target and the other uses a backdrop with a series of holes to shoot at.

Inflatable Human Table Football
A giant version of table football but with human players

Human Table Football is one of the most exciting competitive games to hit the UK. It is a giant inflatable version of the old classic Table Football bar game.

You take the place of the small plastic players when two teams face each other surrounded by the 40ft x 23ft inflatable. The referee will be in control of the game at all times, i.e. sending off for foul play and showing of red and yellow cards.

This Five-a-Side team game will certainly give you a stitch, not through exertion, but through laughter.

Dimensions: 40ft x 23ft

If you would like to hire or just need more information about the Inflatable Human Table Football, then please give us a call.

Inflatable Darts Hire

Test your accuracy with our inflatable Golfarama where players must accurately chip the golf balls through one of the scoring holes. Our inflatable has tall sides to stop any badly struck balls going too far ! Golf clubs and balls are provided as part of the package.

Soccer Speedcage Hire
How hard can you kick a football?

How hard can you kick a football? No cheating on this game. Once you have kicked the ball the speed gun registers your score for all to see. Suitable for indoor and outdoor use.

Dimensions: 10ft x 10ft

Space Hopper Football Hire
Great for kids and the young at heart

Remember the Space Hopper craze? Well Funtime Hire has brought Space Hoppers back again but have added a new twist by introducing Space Hopper Football.

The game is for three to five a side and is played on a 25ft x 45ft pitch with inflatable barriers and goals. Referee’s rules apply.

Inflatable Beach Volleyball Court Hire

The ever popular and competitive beach sport of volleyball is great fun to play and is the perfect team game.

What’s more volleyball now comes to you as a giant inflatable which means you can play anywhere.

With this inflatable volleyball court you can bring all the fun of beach volleyball to your next event. Without a doubt this is one of the best action team games on the circuit today.

The inflatable Volleyball court is suitable for 2-8 players per side and all the action is within a netted enclosure.

A Volleyball referee is supplied with the game

Dimensions 50ft x 25ft

Bouncy Boxing: 3m x 3m x 3m H

Basketball (Electronic): 1.5m x 2m x 2m H

Basketball (Inflatable): 3m x 3m x 4m H

Football Darts: 7m x 7m x 7m H (1 Staff) (2 Staff for Double)

Football Speed Shot: 5.1m x 4.3m x 3m H

Human Table Football: 12m x 8m x 2m H (Poles 4m H)

Human Table Football: Suitable from 7 + (Waist Belt, Hand Grips)

Penalty Shoot Out: 5m x 5m x 3m H

Penalty Shoot Out (Small): 4m x 4m x 3m H

Space Hopper Football (5 a Side): 12m x 8m

Speed Shootout: 5.1m x 4.3m x 3m H

Speed Shootout: Football or Tennis

Sports Arena: Inflatable Basketball, Inflatable Darts, Penalty Shot, Golfarama

Volley Ball: 15m x 8m x 4m H

All 13 Amp Power Supply or Petrol Blower: