Pole Jousting is an old favourite While straddling the pole, try to keep your balance and composure as you attempt to knock off your opponent with your padded pugil stick. Beware as they are trying to do the same to you. A simple game that is a lot harder than you’d imagine.

A four person game on this amazing inflatable, with four checker plate pedestals and a massive one metre wrecking ball. This is perfect for team events, knock out challenges, or just fun, for all ages.

Let combat begin! The Gladiator games has been very popular to hire and has a very wide appeal due to the fast action and excitement of the contest. The two Gladiators stand face to face on the padded turrets which are located in large inflated bed. They then joust with special pugel sticks, until the...

Kangaroos with a punch! Forget Skippy, these kangaroos really pack a punch. But don’t worry, with super sized gloves and padded costumes the only thing than can get hurt is your pride. The object of the game is to knock or manoeuvre your opponent off of the mat – that is if you can keep...

Wrestle in padded out sumo suits – a real crowd pleaser The ancient Japanese sport of sumo wrestling is transformed into an hilarious game that will enthral and amuse. Both men and women can play. Because of the padded suits and padded ring, Sumo Wrestling is safe for everyone. Dimensions:12ft x 12ft

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