Think big, think multi-activity inflatables.  Run, jump, bounce, bungee, climb, box or even disco dance in our giant multi-activity inflatables.  We can even supply giant worlds for kids of all ages to enjoy!  All delivered and operated by our team of experienced staff. Medieval Run This very impressive themed activity run is suitable for Children...

A unique concept inflatable where up to four players enter the arena, they are fastened to bungee belts and compete to see who can get the most balls back to their corner. A human version of hungry hippos.

The Mega Disco Dome will put any disco to shame Mega is the right word. With its lighting and sound system, the Mega Disco Dome will put any disco to shame. Fully covered with a 30ft x 30ft airbed to practice your dance moves on. The mobile disco comes with two members of staff. The...

A self-contained package of inflatable fun Inflatable World This package offers unbeatable value with seven colourful inflatables including slide, flat airbed, adventure run, ball pond, fun castle, inflatable tunnel and energy zone. The collection comes with its own inflatable surround measuring 80ft x 50ft. Energy Zone The Energy Zone from Funtime Hire This piece of...

Get lost in this amazing coloured  maze. You step through a zipped door into a nine chamber world of colour and mystery, trying to find your friends. Once inside you will step into a world of colour and mystery. This is great fun trying to find your friends but don’t worry search parties are sent...

Inflatable assault course This very popular colourful inflatable can be used by adults and children alike to test their competitiveness. Participants make their way by entering through a set of tubes, then a squeeze wall, under a rope net, through biff and bash, up a scramble net and finally down a large slope. Great fun...

Float on the breeze inside this inflatable rocket ship A new and exciting concept of flying. You are strapped into a harness under a parachute and lifted up to new heights by an up-draught of air inside the inflated rocket, gently free-falling the 25ft back down to earth while suspended from your parachute. Suitable for...

Pole Jousting is an old favourite While straddling the pole, try to keep your balance and composure as you attempt to knock off your opponent with your padded pugil stick. Beware as they are trying to do the same to you. A simple game that is a lot harder than you’d imagine.

A four person game on this amazing inflatable, with four checker plate pedestals and a massive one metre wrecking ball. This is perfect for team events, knock out challenges, or just fun, for all ages.

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