Sit behind the wheel in the genuine F1 cockpit and wait for the lights to turn green! Thunder around Silverstone to record the fastest time of the day, or race the principle head to head. Features: The latest force feedback steering controls – quick release steering wheels and adjustable accelerator and brake pedals. Complete with...

Test your moves with our Twin Dance Simulator – each player has to ‘dance’ on the special pads in time to pre-recorded music – hitting the correct pads dead on the beat! Plenty of levels and difficulty settings mean you will come back time and time again to hone your dancing skills!

Snowboard Simulator (White base) Jump on the slopes with our Snowboard Simulator, without the expense of buying all the equipment. The Snowboard Simulator is surrounded by an inflatable bed, with a snowy peak theme. The Snowboard Simulator offers the thrills of the snowy slopes, without the risk of getting frostbite and has a variety of speed...

Surf Simulator (Blue base) This Surf Simulator offers the challenge to ride the imaginary waves, like a real surfer but without getting wet. The Surf Simulator is surrounded by an inflatable bed, with a beach and sea theme. The Surf Simulator can simulate surfing conditions from the gentlest of seas, to waves of Force 9 gales.

We provide the Equipment
You provide the Fun


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