Scalextric Slot Car Racing

A sublime Scalextric setup with a 8 lane tracks

Chicanes and ‘S’ bends test your skills to their limits. No sign of road rage here just great entertainment from Scalextric slot cars.

Scalextric model car racing is tremendous fun. It takes skillful driving to prevent your racing car from flying off the track at the bends or spectacularly crashing at the chicane. The challenge is all the greater because you have six cars racing and six drivers competing with one another at the same time. The pressure is on – it’s time to see if you can you safely squeeze out just a little more acceleration and speed from your car to become overall Scalextric race champion.

8 Lane Scalextric

This eight lane unit is approximately 4.5m x 2.5m (15ft x 8ft) and is amazingly mobile, perfect for those venues with access issues! It runs off just a single 13 amp socket and all boxes and wires fit under the unit. The track itself is lit by 4 lighting poles, each with 2 spotlights.

The track is computerised and can operate a full 8 race competition, also recording best lap, fastest race, best driver, etc. This really is an exciting addition to our inventory so please do contact us with any additional queries or bookings!

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