main How Soon Should We Plan Our Office Christmas Party?

With the summer holidays only just over, and the tans still fading, it seems a little early to start thinking about Christmas right?  Wrong!  If you are in charge of planning an Christmas party for your office, you will know that you have to get on it very early in the year to make sure you are able to book everything you want. Some may even say that September is leaving it a little late.

If you are still not sorted, here’s out top tips for getting it all ready in time for the festive season:

1. Save The Date

The festive period is a busy time for everyone, so as soon as you have your date confirmed, make sure you let everyone know.

2. Confirm your budget

Before you go mad trying the make it the event of the century, check your budget and find out what is important and must be booked, and what your bosses would just like as extras if it can be worked into the budget.

3. Is there a theme?

Are you planning on an exotic theme, or just a regular party night.  Know your audience; if you work in an office where people aren’t very likely to get dressed up, don’t push it, keep it simple. You could offer a theme that runs throughout the venue, venue dressings, entertainment etc though that should be acceptable to even the most conservative office workers.

4. Find and book your venue

Research the kind of venue you need.  Do you need somewhere very big, close to town, one that offers it’s own entertainment etc.  Work out your needs then find a venue to suit.  Once you have the date confirmed, go ahead and pay your deposit to secure the venue.

5. Sort your food

Will you be offering a three course silver service dinner?  Or will it be a more relaxed affair?  Whatever it is, sort it with the venue direct. Will they provide, or will you bring caters in?

6. Choose the entertainment

Are you thinking of a DJ?  A live band?  Karaoke?  Work with your budget and a great agency (like us at Funtime Hire!) and they can provide you with everything you need.

7. Organise transport

Part of making the night a success is ensuring that everyone can get there and home again with minimum effort.  People won’t come if they have to travel for miles, or pay a fortune for taxis etc.

8. Get the invitations ready

Design your invites so that they look great, but are also very informative.  Make sure you  include date, venue, time, theme or dress code if there is one and where to RSVP to.

9. Put together your itinerary

On the night, you will still be on the job, so to speak.  You will need to have a full running order of everything that is happening.  Make sure everyone knows where they need to be and when.  Keep details of any contact numbers you need to hand and have a full list of everyone, guests and contractors, that should be there on the night.

10. Enjoy!

Make sure that you find a moment to enjoy the night if you can – you’ve worked hard and you deserve it.

Don’t forget that Funtime Hire can supply you with everything you need for your office party or event.  Call us on 01371 811381 to find out more.

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